Appearances, Interviews, and More!

Janice & Corey, Roundhouse Radio 98.3 Vancouver

Fitness Trackers Might Do More Harm To Your Body Than Good” — CTV, Your Morning.

How Exercise Can Become an Addiction” — Meredith Sheldon, The Student Body.

Addiction au sport: quand l’activité physique va trop loin” — Cerise Sudry-Le Dû, L’Express Style

“Addicted to Exercise?” — Kathryn Olney, Safebee

“The Truth About Exercise Addiction” — Nancy Wride,

Author Interview, The Truth About Exercise Addiction — Michael Dresser, The Michael Dresser Show

The Truth About Exercise Addiction on Dig Deep Grow — Michael McEvoy

5 Ways To Avoid Going Into Debt for an Engagement Ring — Gerri Detweiler,

Exercise Overload: Are We Pushing Ourselves Too Far? — ABC Nightline

Biggest Loser or Biggest Addict? — Cathy Cassata, The

Breaking Ground Starring Comedian at Laughing Devil Comedy Club!! — The Arts & Music



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